I became a godmother this week … (I actually don’t like that English name, I feel more like a superaunt ;-))

The event not only means that the family got an extra masterpiece, it also enables me to finally show you the drawing I made for the birthannouncements. ;-)

Luckily, the instructions were vague enough… Not too pink and simple enough… With that they expected a filled drawing, that was clear but while sketching I couldn’t resist bringing it back in the sumi-e atmosphere… luckily for me it was accepted right from the start… Ouf!

Then came the challenge: a digital sumi-e drawing… it’s a contradiction on it’s own (I’m still saving to get that iPadPro). Because even with a Wacom Tablet you loose a lot of sensitivity. For one, mine isn’t pressure sensitive, nor could I play with the load of ink in a brush… All had to be added with the speed of drawing. And after the results had to be transferred into a vector-format to get the printquality I wanted.

So it was a bit of a puzzle… But thanks to my favorite drawingsoftware (ArtRage and Inkscape) it became possible! Does it surprise you that I already checked if I would be able to run those on the iPadPro…

ArtRage works, for Inkscape I’ll have to swith to another computer… will be able to live with that…

In the mean time, Lexa’s born! Welcome little one!

And so came the big test for me… would my drawing be appreciated? I’ve got thumbs up from her grannies, grandpa’s, godfather, … even my aunties! So, what I was considering after my sister’s reaction now is a fixed plan… there will be more of these drawings…

This is a birth! The start of something new!

birth announcement Lexa
geboortekaartje Lexa