… My Maps is very useful!

Planning with My Maps

I’ve been dreaming of travelling to Japan for years. Daydreaming while flipping the pages of travelguides and browsing blogs. When I heard about My Maps 2 years ago it was a nice gift. Finally I was able to keep all this information together in 1 place that’s always within reach.

I’ve had fun giving every spot it’s own colour and icon and adding my personal comments to each of them. Now that I’m planning my trip on a relatively short period of time it comes in handy. I can see which places are close to each other and thus decide where to stay a few nights.

Een stukje van MyMap Japan
A piece of MyMap Japan

Travel directions

You even have the possibility to generate travel directions directly in My Maps. That is, when you travel by car, because unfortunately the public transport option is only available in Google Maps… Let’s hope that will change soon…

Other possibilities

My Maps is a great tool for private use but it also offers the possibility to upload a list of addresses. This could be useful for example to visualise the geographical spread of a list of clients.


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