What happend before…

2016 started as a very special year…

For years I’ve been dreaming, planning without purpose… and now suddenly I get the opportunity to make that dreamtrip… Off to Japan, to the roots of my passion… sumi-e.

I’ll be travelling solo, 3 weeks without my loved ones to a country of which I don’t speak the language… I sometimes tell myself I get the chance to get lost and make sure to find my way to get back in time for the flight home. ;-)

Why do I go? Because I love to wander off on my own from time to time… Because it’s time to go and thank those who make the wonderful materials I love to paint with!

How I dare to take off? Well, a year ago I would have passed, but since I see so many people cheering up our world by making their dreams come true, why wouldn’t I give it a try?


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